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December 02, 2016   Men Section LIFESTYLE SECTION AUTO SECTION
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Featured Batik Shirt Short Sleeve
Batik shirts are widely used in Malaysia, Indonesia, & Brunei. It is a symbol of identity for country producing its original batik design.

Batik from brand 'Wan' is origin from Malaysia. The batik designs are varies from simple design to more elaborate depending on the batik material used for making short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt. Short sleeve shirt designs are normally simple unlike the long sleeve shirt are more elaborate in designs.

Batik Short Sleeve in Cotton Comb 100%

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Batik Shirt Bunga Raya Design Hand Painted

The classic type of batik shirt hand painted in bunga raya (hibiscus flower) with water effect. This type of batik shirt is suitable to wear for any types of functions. Smart and casual is the theme of batik short sleeve shirt for men.
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Batik Pareo Hand Painted

Beautiful and elegant Batik Pareo Hand Painted. For casual wear wrap around as dress or as a skirt. Simply wrap around the way you feel comfortable and feeling good. Go for batik wear any time around the year is the in thing.


Batik Pareo With Sash
Batik Type: hand Painted
Material: Rayon 100%
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The fish shaped in batik is actually the 'Wind Socks'. It is commonly used by the Japanese as the in-house garden decoration. Style and colorful batik wind-socks will enhance your in-house garden.





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Featured: the All Brand New Proton Persona
The All New Proton Persona was newly launch recenly with distinctive colors meeting the demand in the saloon section.

Available in  six colors:

Midnight Black, Sterling Silver, Cotton White, Graphite Grey, Fire Red and a new Carnelian Brown. Prices for the three trim levels, on-the-road including insurance, are as follows:

1.6 Standard 5MT  RM46,350 (solid), RM46,800 (metallic)

1.6 Standard CVT  RM49,350 (solid), RM49,800 (metallic)

1.6 Executive CVT  RM55,350 (solid), RM55,800 (metallic)

1.6 Premium CVT  RM59,350 (solid), RM59,800 (metallic), optional bodykit is RM1,000 extra














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