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Newly launched Honda City with three variants with choice of five amazing colours.

Price range from RM78,300 to RM89,240.39.

Rebate offering at RM1,100.00 plus Two Years free service. For more details view more


The Isuzu Single Cab is made for the hardest job on the site. It has the torque and the horsepower to carry any specific jobs to carry goods of any types and sizes without fail.

Isuzu D-Max available in two versions:

Isuzu D-Max 4x4 & Isuzu D-Max Single Cab 4x2.

Find out more on specifications!



The new Perdana by PROTON. A seamless integration of dynamic design and elegance. Pure pleasure to behold, pure excitement to drive.

The Perdana exudes aerodynamic flair in its sleek lines and fluid curves. The bold new look achieves meticulous look in its signature design feature, the distinctive Proton Wings, with chrome embellishments

Inner Beauty, 
Spacious Inner Space

The eye-catching exterior is matched by a sumptuous interior, creating a perfect balance of form and function, craftsmanship and art. Spacious, stylish and designed to afford a quiet ride.


Comfort, Confidence, 

Drive in comfort, go with confidence, access info and entertainment effortlessly. The new Perdana lets you optimise the driving environment while enhancing your driving experience, to make even long journeys a pleasure.


from the Heart

The New Perdana 2.4L variant delivers impressive 178hp, the 2.0L a powerful 154hp. Efficient 5-speed automatic transmission for smooth yet robust response.


Selling Price Peninsular

2.0L Premium
RM 113,888.00/ Metallic
RM 113,438.00/ Solid


2.4L Premium
RM 138,888.00/ Metallic
RM 138,438.00/ Solid


Inquiry please contact
by phone/sms/whatsapp to 0163321173



BRINGING IN A NEW AGE OF MALAYSIAN SEDANS Packed with advanced technology and amazing Malaysian-ready features at great affordability. The Perodua Bezza, our first EEV sedan, is beyond compact.

The Perodua Bezza is aerodynamic and sleek, designed for performance as well as aesthetics.
NEW 1.0l VVT-i & 1.3l DUAL VVT-i ENGINES Primed for performance, made for efficiency. The Perodua Bezza’s new EEV engines are built lightweight and compact to improve fuel consumption, as well as to reduce levels of vibration and noise.
Exterior Features:
  • Crome Front Grille

  • Crome Back Door Garnish

  • Shark Fin Antenna

  • Lead Rear Combination Lamps withLights Guides

Interior Features:

  • Push Up Start/Stop Button

  • Multi Purpose Compartment

  • Hand Phone Slot/USB Port ** rear console

  • Luggage Net

Colors Available: 6 amazing colors to select

Selling Price Peninsular

1.0 Std Metallic RM37,300

1.3 Premium Auto RM44,800

Inquiry please contact
by phone/sms/whatsapp to 0163321173


The passengers cars registration registered  at 503,691 in 2016, slightly lower than in year 2015 of 563,883 total cars registration. The lower vehicle registration of passengers cars could due to the slow down in economy. Other factor of less buying power was due to the stringent of loan processing by major banks.

Even the Commercial vehicle registration recorded a lower numbers with a  combined registration of only 41,562 in 2016. In 2015 the total vehicle registration recorded at 50,781.

Source: MAA

MPV-Multi Purpose Vehicle

SUV-Sport Utility Vehicle

4WD-Four Wheel Drive

2WD-Two Wheel Drive

FWD-Front Wheel Drive

RWD-Rear Wheel Drive

AWD-All Wheel Drive

Bank Approve Loan Procedures
In Malaysia, the banking loan procedures are mainly governed by the Bank Negara Malaysia.

In order to qualify to get the bank loan for a vehicle, the bank officer will have to screen all the loan application stringently. Very rigorous checking on the loan applicant. Involved declaration of overall financial status of the particular applicant.

In order to get the bank loan approved, the potential car buyers must be having excellent track record in maintaining the loan payments on time and every time. Not having defaulted any due payments to bank any where.

The bank have a form of standard checking systems using the mechanism to identify the bad types of pay masters. If they found on listed in CTOS/CRIS are therefore mostly will not get their loan approved. Unless the buyers have to settle all the bad debts and clear the records in CTOS/CRIS then will be eligible again to apply car loan with the bank.

So, all the future car buyers, mak sure you are keeping good track record will all your bank loans. This is very important for you to ensure you have excellent credit record.





Buy All Brand New & Reconditioned Cars, 4WD, SUV, MPV, Trucks & Buses.
EXPATRIATES live and work in Malaysia too can buy a brand new car. No fuss , get your car fast.
Special Deal for the 'Blacklisted' customers!


Any inquiry on new cars, truck and SUV, kindly call/SMS/Whatsapp to: 0163321173

Featured: the All Brand New Proton Persona
The All New Proton Persona was newly launch recenly with distinctive colors meeting the demand in the saloon section.

Available in  six colors:

Midnight Black, Sterling Silver, Cotton White, Graphite Grey, Fire Red and a new Carnelian Brown. Prices for the three trim levels, on-the-road including insurance, are as follows:

1.6 Standard 5MT – RM46,350 (solid), RM46,800 (metallic)

1.6 Standard CVT – RM49,350 (solid), RM49,800 (metallic)

1.6 Executive CVT – RM55,350 (solid), RM55,800 (metallic)

1.6 Premium CVT – RM59,350 (solid), RM59,800 (metallic), optional bodykit is RM1,000 extra











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