How to develop positive attitude

'I used my weekend for recreation. This helps to refresh my outlook so that on Monday morning, I am rested and positive."

'Without weekends and the private time it affords me, I would be a burn-out candidate.'


Public Relations

What is Public Relations?

It's what the public THINKS about a person or ORGANIZATION
YES Is he polite? No
YES Does he do a good job? No
YES Is he interested in me? No
I Like Him!        | I Dislike Him!

EVERYONE has public relations - good or bad..... whether they like it or not!

The art of getting along with people

PLANNED public relations is simply putting your BEST FOOT forward

  • By your Attitude towards yourself t and others
  • By your knowledge of your subject to help others
  • By your skill in communicating to others
Remember, PR always starts with you!!

No. 1. Most important is your ATTITUDE toward yourself

6 Ways to test your PR ATTITUDE

1. Have you the desire to help others?

2. Do  you express ENTHUSIASM when you talk with others?

3. Are you willing to Change EXPERIMENT....TRY new ideas and be flexible?

4. Are you willing to work to discipline your thoughts and efforts to get things done?

5. Do you want to GROW- to do a bit more than is expected of you?

6. Have you a sense of HUMOUR so you don't take yourself too seriously or think you know too much and can get FUN out of WORK?

- and toward others

1.  A re you really INTERESTED in OTHERS and their purpose and problems

2. Do you try to UNDERSTAND others POINT OF VIEW .... how and why they feel, think, look and act as they do?

3. Are you willing to LISTEN and to LEARN from others?

4. Do you understand the importance of -TEAMWORK- of working together for a BIG GOAL, of helping and not criticizing?


1.  Do you know your Subject?

1.1. It's important to know the BIG PICTURE FIRST


  • it's PURPOSE (ideals, mission)
  • its PRINCIPLES (standards, etc)
  • its PROGRAMME ( what does it do)
  • its PEOPLE (who's who a nd what's what?)


2. Do you keep INFORMED on what's going on?

    So you can helps others keep up to date?

3.  Do you know your own role in the Big Picture?

    So you can work with others most effectively?

4. Do you know YOUR JOB, so you can work with others most effectively?

5. Are you getting ready for a BIGGER JOB tomorrow?

    Are you preparing yourself for are more responsibility?




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