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Do you want to be a success entrepreneur?

To be a successful entrepreneur, one should possess certain   Traits or Characteristics as listed below.


Success Factors YOU Should Possess Are:

*     Innovative, creative, and far sighted

*     Willing to take risks

*     Having enough financial resources

*     Having knowledge in business

*     Matured and having long life working experience

*     Having educational background

*     Right attitude in business dealings

*     Business minded

*     Can work long hours

*     10.Knowledge in human resources

*     Knowledge in management and technical skills

*     Good networking and a host of contacts

*     Independent

*     Resilient

*     Never give up attitude

*     Having business skills

*     Decisive and have dominant character

Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurs to be:
  • *Need to be persistent, Tenacious & Resilient
  • *Need to be confident to take the Plunge
  • *Should posses good management skills
  • *Should be business minded
Characteristics of Women in Entrepreneurship
Common individual characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs identified include independence, resilient, persistence, hard work, competitiveness, orientation to personal achievement and higher income. Belief in one's own vision, goal setting, risk taking, and posses natural leadership qualities. (Buttner, 1991, Calsrud and Olm (1986); Fagenson and Marcus (1991).




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