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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

To Test Drive Any Proton Cars, Please Call Our Hotline 0163321173

  All Brand New Proton Models

New Proton Perdana

Proton Saga

Proton Inspira

Proton Iriz

Proton Suprima S

Proton Preve

Proton Persona


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The new Proton Perdana exudes the aerodynamic flair in its  sleek lines and fluid curves. Front and rear wrap around lamps are contoured to complement the elegant body.

The bold new look achieves particular expression in the latest update of its signature design feature. The distinctive Proton Wings with chrome embellishments around the bumper fog lamps, convey both class and exclusivity, and complete the look of simple elegance.

Perdana New Colors Available

Granite Gray Sterling Silver Ruby Red Cotton White Midnight Black Citrine Gold

The New Proton Perdana

Prestige with Presence
The new Perdana by PROTON. A seamless integration of dynamic design and elegance. Pure pleasure to behold, pure exhilaration to drive.

Design that Thrills
The Perdana exudes aerodynamic flair in its sleek lines and fluid curves. The bold new look achieves particular expression in its signature design feature, the distinctive Proton Wings, with chrome embellishments.

Inner Beauty, Inner Space
The eye-catching exterior is matched by a sumptuous interior, creating a perfect balance of form and function, craftsmanship and art. Spacious, stylish and designed to afford a quiet ride.

Comfort, Confidence, Control
Drive in comfort, go with confidence, access info and entertainment effortlessly. The new Perdana lets you optimise the driving environment while enhancing your driving experience, to make even long journeys a pleasure.

Performance from the Heart
The New Perdana 2.4L variant delivers impressive 178hp, the 2.0L a powerful 154hp. Efficient 5-speed automatic transmission for smooth yet robust response.

Peace of Mind
The new Perdana is engineered with you and your family’s safety in mind. Its array of driver's aids, advanced braking technology, and active and passive restraints ensure optimal protection for both driver and passengers.

Selling Price: Peninsular Malaysia
2.0L Premium
RM 113,888.00/ Metallic
RM 113,438.00/ Solid

2.4L Premium
RM 138,888.00/ Metallic
RM 138,438.00/ Solid

East Malaysia
2.0L Premium
RM 115,888.00/ Metallic
RM 115,438.00/ Solid

2.4L Premium
RM 140,888.00/ Metallic
RM 140,438.00/ Solid

2.0L Premium
RM 107,420.00/ Metallic
RM 106,970.00/ Solid

2.4L Premium
RM 130,580.00/ Metallic
RM 130,130.00/ Solid

2.0L Premium
RM 106,710.00/ Metallic
RM 106,260.00/ Solid

2.4L Premium
RM 129,960.00/ Metallic
RM 129,510.00/ Solid


Proton All Brand New Cars

  • Proton Iriz selling price starting from RM42,438.00
  • Suprima S selling price  starting from RM69,438.00
  • Preve selling price starting from RM58,531.00
  • Exora SP selling price starting from RM56,438.00
  • Saga FLX selling price starting from RM33,488.00
  • Inspira selling price starting from RM78,566.00
  • Persona selling price starting from RM45,021.00
  • Satria Neo selling price starting from RM50,515.00

    ***Note: you are to reconfirm the latest price from the seller.


Proton Suprima S hatchback launched: RM77k-RM80k

The Proton Suprima S – the name of which is derived from the English root word ‘supreme’ – officially launched on the scene 16 months after the Preve sedan premiered, and the five-door C-segment hatchback makes its debut in only a single engine guise (in two variant forms, the Executive and Premium) at point of launch, this being the familiar CamPro 1.6 turbo.

Proton Suprima S has global Safety kit for the five-star ANCAP-rated Suprima S consists of ABS with EBD, brake assist, electronic stability control (ESC), traction control and two rear Isofix mounts. Both Suprima S variants are equipped with six airbags (front, side, curtain) – it’s the first Proton to be sold here to have such a number. The Premium model adds hill-hold assist and electronic gear shift lock to the list.

Five colours are available for the Proton Suprima S, these being Atlantic Blue, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black and Solid White. Like the Preve, the Suprima S is due to make its way to export markets – the word on the grapevine is the hatch will debut in Thailand and Indonesia and tentatively schedule before the year is out.

Pricing-wise, the on-the-road selling price for the Proton Suprima S – which comes with a five-year warranty and five-year free road assist programme – is as follows:

  • Proton Suprima S 1.6 Executive (metallic) RM76,688
  • Proton Suprima S 1.6 Executive (solid) RM76,338
  • Proton Suprima S 1.6 Premium (metallic) RM79,988
  • Proton Suprima S 1.6 Premium (solid) RM79,638


The New Persona SV Model

We must highlight  that the new Persona SV is a fusion of sleek front grille and stylish outlook. Really out to impress the onlookers. Slip into a specious cocoon of sheer and comfort with luxury feel. Allow the super quiet large cabin to promise you with piece of mind as you enjoy a smooth drive within an interior  that makes you forget all happenings around you.

Fitted with alloy rims to put flair into your ride and ensure comfort in total driving. Side mirror are mounted with turning lamps visible turn signals.

For booking or test driving, kindly contact the authorized sellers right here! Good luck folks! You have bought your dream car. Made in Malaysia!

RM45,388.00 / Metallic
RM44,938.00 / Solid
Models Available:
1.6 Standard Manual, 1.6 Standard Automatic, Persona SV 1.6 Automatic, Persona SV 1.6 Manaual 

Selling Price in Peninsular Malaysia  

Persona 1.6 Standard Manual
RM47,983.50 / Metallic
RM47,533.50 / Solid
Persona 1.6 Standard Automatic
RM50,983.50 / Metallic
RM50,533.50 / Solid
Persona 1.6 SV Manual





How to sell your used car for a higher price

If you have decided to sell your used car to trade in for a brand new Proton, make sure your car must be in an excellent conditions.

1. If your car have some knocks here and there, send for a knocking service and touch up the knocking parts and and give a good car polishing service.

2. Clean the car inside out, the engine parts, remove all the black spots and so forth. Buy new car floor mats.

3. Make sure your old car looks good and then only can show to your potential buyers. By spending a little bit more, by cleaning your car, you can raise or ask the  car price higher. Otherwise if your car is in back shape or looking horrible, chances are you have to bring down the price down!

More Tips for booking a new car

Please only give a minimum booking fee. Normally from RM 500.00 to RM3000.00 depending on the model. Please don't give all your 10% or 20% of the amount you intend to give as deposit for the car. Wait till your car loan is approved and you know the exact amount of loan you are getting from the bank, then only you can pay the balance of the deposit. This is to safe guard your money. Don't be in the hurry to pay for everything for the deposit or if are taking the loan.


Tip Of Keeping Your Car in Good Condition
Many car drivers, simply overlook of not keeping their cars according to the manufacturer's service maintenance routine.

All cars, whether old or new must be service every 5,000km being the best mileage. Hence, your car will be in good condition at all times. Preventing from breakdowns and cause inconvenient. And the cost of repairs are normally higher than the anticipated regular service charges.

Always go to service car at the Proton or EON service centre, at the HQ in your area. Never be lazy or just simply send your precious car at any workshop, just because it is a workshop. Not to say that other workshops are bad, but better take precaution and do the right thing to your car and helping you in saving the unnecessary problems to your car and it will your finances.

There cars as old as 8 years old never had any problems, because the car owners take the precaution from day one. They only service their cars to the EON own workshop, at HQ level.

When you service car at the manufacturer's own workshop, you will get the best services in terms of mechanical handling and supervision. Unlike the small individual workshop, the service level is not the same as the HQ big workshop.


Tips of saving fuel
There are many ways of saving fuel. Do the following whenever you on the wheel.
1. Drive at a constant speed. Example if driving at 90km, stick to the same speed.
2. Do not keep changing lanes, stick to the comfortable lane matching your driving speed.
3. Do not ram your your engine.


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